Friday, January 18, 2013

FFTF: Models, Greens, Trends, and Bookshelves

It's been so long since my last FFFT (Friday Food for Thought) that it was incredibly hard to choose what to share with you. My YA folder of web-awesome was overflowing. I've narrowed it down to the best (/weirdest/craziest) so that you too can stay in the YA know.

First up, celebrities modeling for book covers before they became famous. There are some really great ones over at the HuffPost, but here's my favorite:

As a supplement, if you follow the Kardashian bandwagon, you'll like this cover too.

Are you a John Green fan (TFiOS)? How about Hank Green (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)? If you are, you already know all about the Night of Awesome. If you aren't, check it out, because they are literally the coolest EVER. I got to see the live rehearsal of the event the day before, and it made my jaw hurt from smiling so much.

TRENDS: past and present. Publishers Weekly wants to blow your mind with a very inclusive list of the YA Best of 2012. And then Scholastic tries to predict the future, with 10 Trends in Children's Publishing in 2013. Both seems like magic to me.

And finally, mind-blowing bookshelves. Real ones:

And interactive ones like this one from Scholastic that includes all sorts of great info and recommendations.

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