Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Starcrossed (Josephine Angelini) and LINKS!

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Now for a review of Starcrossed
Think Twilight on the East Coast. Girl is different, a strange family moves into town. Turns out they’re immortal and drama ensues. Okay, if you hated Twilight, don’t run away just yet. Despite the eerie similarities, Starcrossed presented a pretty good story. There aren’t vampires; instead, there are descendents of the Greek gods, and it’s not just the one family in town. I liked how mythology was a primary driver of the plot (made all that stuff I had to memorize sophomore year of high school worthwhile). Of course there is a love story (star-crossed lovers, anyone?) and the novel ends on a cliff-hanger. I will of course be reading the next one! Again, a big theme is the strength in embracing your differences- a storyline I may never tire of. And Greek gods? How can you not love them and their drama?  


  1. I'll add Starcrossed to my ever-growing reading list. Thanks for linking to my YA Fusion blog post/giveaway!

  2. Thanks for telling us about Starcrossed and thanks for linking YA Fusion!

  3. If you liked the Greek mythology in Starcrossed, then you'll definitely want to check out the Goddess Test, it is on my Best Books of 2011 List, along with: Unearthly, The Summer I Turned Pretty, & the Iron Knight. Have you read the Mortal Instruments series or The Infernal Devices series? I'm obsessed with both of those series :) The Iron Knight hasn't been released yet, but you can get it through Netgalley. If you haven't signed up for that yet, try. It will give you access to tons of books, most that haven't even been released yet. Thanks so much for reaching out to me & stopping by my blog!

    I'm always there if you need me!


  4. Ashlie- thanks so much for your suggestions! I'm a sucker for a good series and will look them up immediately. Netgalley may be the best thing that has happened to me this week- I'll definitely try to sign up (there's nothing harder than waiting for a great book at the library). I will be visiting your blog again soon so we can chat about more books!