Sunday, August 28, 2011

The False Princess (Eilis O’Neal)

A good, quick read. The flap promises “a story never told before” and the book follows through. In a fairytale-esque telling, the book follows the life of Sinda, a girl raised as a princess until the age of sixteen when she is tossed out of the royal family and informed that she was merely a stand-in for the real princess who was hidden away for her own protection. Inept at being a simple village girl, Sinda discovers she has magic running through her and returns to the capital to find a way to control it. She finds much more as she is reunited with her best friend Kieran (the only one to not abandon her) and together, they discover intrigue and secrets still linger in the court. Adventures ensue.

My summary was getting a little too flap-esque, and I didn’t want to give anything away. You’ll have to read the book for more! Reasons you’ll like this book: great character names, just the right amount of romance intertwined with magic, history and self-discovery, and plot twists that will surprise. A great first novel.

Also, it should be noted that this book and Divergent both appear on this new list of books-to-read from the American Booksellers Association:

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