Friday, December 30, 2011

Emily’s Best Books of 2011

My top five (where I cheat and make it a top seven by including the first in certain series) Click on the title to see my review:
1.      Divergent: Dystopia set in futuristic Chicago that involves bravery, love, and self-discovery.
2.      Clockwork Prince (Clockwork Angel): Tessa, paired with two handsome and confusing demon-slayers, finds herself in a battle against evil in Victorian England.
3.      Crossed (Matched): Dystopia in which Cassia must decide between safety and freedom.
4.      Unearthly: Clara is part-angel with a mission to save a boy. But what if she likes a different boy?
5.      Epic Fail: Modern-day Pride and Prejudice mixed with your favorite CW show.   

Not actually published in 2011 but some top picks from books I read this year:
6.      Going TooFar: Jennifer Echols at her finest with this love story between a good boy and a rebellious girl.
7.      The HungerGames (Catching Fire and Mockingjay): Dystopia where kids are set against each other on live television.

There are so many great books I haven’t yet gotten a chance to read, so look for more great reviews of 2011 books in the new year. Special thanks to all my blog readers thus far- Happy New Year!

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