Friday, October 14, 2011


It's FRIDAY!! Nothing too crazy to share with you this week- just a couple articles about how awesome YA is right now:

This one is from Scholastic: Kid lit: not just for kids anymore! (well, YEAH!) I like this because of the book suggestions though- many are going on my to-read list.

This one's from another blogger: What Makes YA Fiction So Hot? A rather lengthy interview of several librarians, but they also have good thoughts about YA right now and lots of book suggestions. Got to love librarians...and bloggers of course.

And because I'm sharing, here's the stack of books I'm going to read for you next:
It looks more precarious turned on its side...

And finally, a happy Friday present for all you Harry Potter fans!

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  1. The article with the librarian's views was great. Thanks! Good reminder to seek out the Morris Award books and others I haven't gotten to yet such as Patrick Ness's.